Offshore Foundations
Kogo-Akalayong Bridge
Kogo, Equatorial Guinea


Project and construction of a bridge over the Congue river connecting Kogo to Akalayong with a total extension of 688m and 12.20m of width.

The entire structure was supported over spacers that distribute the suspension effort and traction over piles and reinforced concrete.

Port of Leixões' Cruise Terminal


Construction of a dock for cruise ships up to 300m in length and a marina for 170 boats.

The dock has 340m of length, at the height of 6m (CD) and depth of -19m (CD) built with pre-made elements over foundation piles with 1,000 mm of diameter with reinforced concrete and metallic vest.

Dock over piles in Akoniki
Akoniki, Equatorial Guinea


Construction of a dock and two access pontoons. The dock has an extension of 32m x 150m, with a depth of -9.00m (CD) made for ships up to 20,000 DWT.

It is built over metallic piles with an external diameter of 800mm that sustain the metallic structure of the deck in concrete covered with in situ concrete equipped with twelve bollards of 100tn aligned in defence type ANP800 for medium-size ships.

Enlargement and rehabilitation of the North Quay of the Funchal Port
Madeira, Portugal


Enlargement in a total length of 260m x 6m. The structure is made of piles fixed on the rock, composed of 64 tubular piles  ⌀ 800mm with a reinforced concrete vest with a medium height of 14 m. The deck was executed with pre-made elements over which the concreting was done.

The dock is equipped with 15 conic defences (2 cones SCN 700 E1.2 and a 3.540 x 1.250mm panel), 19 bollards of 1.000kN and 6 metallic stairs.

Rehabilitation and enlarging of the outside walls of the Aveiro water channels
Aveiro, Portugal


Intervention on the central channels and pyramids, with the survey, testing, excavation, dredging and soil consolidation with gravel columns, construction of reinforced concrete walls, paving and drainage.

Pile repair and reinforcement in Lisbon’s Terreiro do Paço
Lisbon, Portugal


The project at the Terminal of the Terreiro do Paço encompassed the repair of a damaged pile and the reinforcement of the other existing ones.

The project involved the cleaning of the interior of all the existing piles plus placing reinforced concrete fillings in every existing structure.