Port Works
PSA Terminal XXI
Sines, Portugal


Work developed for Port of Singapore Authority in Sines.


Berth with 382.10m in length built for container ships with a working depth of -16.00m (CD). The dock is composed of 15 caissons with dimensions 31.75m x 19.00m x 20.55m placed over a riprap bed. Construction of a 160,000 m² yard.


New Cruise Ship Dock – Funchal
Madeira, Portugal


Dock with a mooring front of 322.35m and a working depth of -8.00m (CD). A total of 17 caissons, 6 of which have open walls creating wave energy dissipation chambers.

Port of Leixões' Cruise Terminal
Leixões, Portugal


Marine works at the Cruise Ship Terminal. The pier is 340m long, with a platform at +6.00 m (CD) and a working depth of -10.00m (CD).

The dock in an open structure built with prefabricated parts assembled over reinforced concrete piles 1,000 mm in diameter.

Malabo Container Terminal at -16.00 (CD)
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


Construction of two marine terminal at depths of -16.00m (CD). The 340m long MixTerminal has a 5,3 ha platform and the 530m long Container Terminal has a 12.7 ha platform.

Malabo Roll-on-Roll-off Terminal at -9.00 m (CD)
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


Three contiguous docks made of caissons with a multipurpose quay of 350m for ships up to 27,000 DWT and a Roll-on Roll-off Dock of 36m.

Service quay of 55m made with caissons are placed on ground previously compacted by vibro-replacement.

Expansion and Modernisation of the Port of Praia
Santiago Island, Cape Verde


Rehabilitation of the existing 217m quay with working depths of -9.00m (CD).

Extension by 267m with 13 reinforced concrete caissons placed at -14.00m (CD) and two large arch columns, with working depths of -13.50m (CD), for a total quay length of 484m.

Construction of a sea protection wall along the container yard of about 650m protected by core-locs.

Construction of a breakwater with 234m with depths of-18.00 m (CD), protected by 10-ton core-locs.

Dredging of the rotation basin and access channel to -12.00m (CD) with a trailing suction hopper dredger.

Construction of the container yard with a total area of 8 ha, including the necessary infrastructures.

Supply and installation of the navigation support system, consisting of a beacon and sector light.

Construction of the Quay and Oil Terminal at Port of Bata
Bata, Equatorial Guinea


Construction of a 870m gravitational structure of prefabricated reinforced concrete caissons.

The caissons are placed over a riprap bed 5 - 6 m thick and a foundation soil reinforced by vibro-compaction.

The works included dredging of the muddy bottom to -15.00m CD, vibro-compaction of the sand bottom between -15.00and -24.00m CD, construction of a support riprap bed, prefabrication and placement of the caissons, in-situ construction of the crowning wall and supply and installation of quay accessories.

Oil Terminal:

Construction of three berthing dolphins, in reinforced concrete caissons installed on a riprap bed built over vibro-compacted soil.

The caissons were prefabricated at the port of Malabo, where we have the entire prefabrication yard used for Malabo’s port terminals and were later towed to the port of Bata over about 150 nautical miles.

Expansion of the Multipurpose Terminal of Sines
Sines, Portugal


Construction of a dock with a 305 m mooring front, worming depth of -18m (CD), in caissons 22.30m high.

A parallel dock was built along the back of this dock with working depths of -15.00m (CD)The yard created between the two new docks, 76.2 m wide, is closed at the tip by a vertical dock with depths also of -15.00m (CD).

A berth for Roll-on Roll-off ships for longitudinal unloading, consisting of a fixed supported ramp, on the land side at +7.00m (CD) and on the ocean side at +4.10m (CD).

Container Terminal / Multimodal Yard – Quay in pilles and caissons
Setúbal, Portugal


Construction of a terminal with working depths of -15.00m (CD) and a total mooring front of 726m. The quay is 528m long and consists of caissons, with dimensions of 24.90m (length) x 15.90m (width) x 17.50m (height), and 198m constructed of reinforced concrete pilles of 1,000mm in diameter, built by the permanent sleeve process.

Includes a 21-ha yard and concrete paving with a wear layer in Beccer type blocks.