Submarine Pipelines
Raoued's Submarine Outfall
Raoued, Tunisia


The Raoued submarine outfall consisted on the construction of a loading chamber and the supply, assembling and installation of 6,300m HDPE pipe Ø1,600mm, including:

·       300m onshore section

·       6,000m offshore section, including diffuser (250m)

Submarine Outfalls of Punta Catalina Power Station
Punta Catalina, Dominican Republic


Submarine outfalls for the seawater cooling circuit of a Thermoelectric Power Plant.

The system consists of 3 pipes 350m long, ND2500, placed in a trench, and a diffuser consisting of 33 risers of DN1000/800/560.

Submarine Outfall of Sidi Bernoussi
Casablanca, Morocco


Submarine outfall in a length of 2,200m, of ND2300, to discharge pre-treated effluents, consisting of a 1,057m tunnel section built by submarine micro-tunnelling, lined by reinforced concrete piping with a steel core, and a 1,143m PEAD section placed in a trench, for a maximum debit of 11 m³/s and working pressure of 6 bar.

Submarine Outfall of Anza
Agadir, Morocco


Outfall to discharge treated effluents of a mixed human and industrial origin, made of PEAD ND710mm, 2,867m long and consisting of three sections:

Section in a trench, 225m long.

Section of Horizontal Directional Drilling, 987m long.

Section placed on the natural bottom, 1,655 m long, installed in depths ranging from -13.70m (CD) to -31.00m (CD).

Short North Outfall of 630 m x ND1000
Short South Outfall of 165 m x ND710

Submarine Outfall of Bata
Bata, Equatorial Guinea


Outfall for the supply and sanitation project for the city of Bata in PEAD DN1100 PE100, SDR 22, PN 7.7, with a length of 1,280m.

Submarine Outfall of Ta'Barkat
Ta'Barkat, Malta


Submarine outfall in PEAD PE100 SDR26 PN6.4 with a length of 971m and ND 1,600mm, with a diffuser installed at a depth of -40.50m (CD).

Submarine Outfall of El Jadida
El Jadida, Morocco


Outfall for discharging treated effluents of a mixed human and industrial origin in PEAD ND900mm and in a length of 2,086m, consisting of three sections:

Section in a trench, of 448m.

Section installed by Horizontal Directional Drilling, of 918m, in rocky soil.

Section laid on the natural bottom, 720m long, installed in depths ranging from -10.20m (CD) to -14.00m (CD).

Seawater Desalination Plant
Fouka, Algeria


Study, design and execution of the marine works for the Fouka desalination plant. Consisting of two seawater intake pipelines (in PEAD Ø1,600mm), 900m long, and two seawater intake structures (suction heads), along with a brine outfall in a total length of 370m (in PEAD Ø1,200mm) and respective diffuser.

Submarine Outfall of Rabat
Rabat, Morocco


The outfall has a total length of 2,150m, with a total of 800m on land and a total of 1,350m in the ocean.

Submarine Outfall of Azla
Tétouan, Morocco


Submarine outfall in PEAD Ø 1,200mm with a length of 3,124m. The diffuser consists of 11 risers, of 250mm in diameter, at 12m intervals and placed to a maximum depth of -37.50m (CD).

Submarine Outfall of Tangier-Port
Tangier, Morocco


The outfall, in PEAD piping, has a diameter of 1,400mm and a total length of 2,155m. The end of the diffuser is at a depth of -42.00m (CD).

Since the natural bottom is rocky until -22.00m (CD), it was necessary to open a trench with drilling equipment and by using explosives to blast the rock.
The diffuser consists of 14 risers in diameters of 240 and 280mm.

Submarine Outfall of Vale de Faro
Albufeira, Portugal


Terrestrial outfall 900m long in PEAD Ø 1,000mm, and a Submarine Outfall, in PEAD Ø 1,000mm PN 6.3 in a length of 1,020m and a diffusor placed at a maximum depth of -10.20m (CD).

Together with the pre-existing outfall of Ø 400mm, a maximum flow of 4,232 m³/h into the ocean was ensured.

Submarine Outfall of Foz do Arelho
Foz Arelho, Portugal


Construction of a Submarine Outfall in PEAD Ø 710 piping, with a total length of 2,150m, placed at a depth of -33.00m (CD).

Red valves were assembled on the diffuser to diminish the intake of sand.